Tuscany is special. Always full of surprise. One hour by train and you are in Florence and that always promises a day of special experiences.

A 45 minute drive through the hills to Siena, or 40 minutes to Montepulciano to order a vino Nobile from the cafe Poliziano and enjoy the view of a amazingly beautiful landscape. ( Valle d’Orca). Also you have to stroll through Pienza and drink the Brunello in Montalcino.

Visit Cortona 15 minutes drive. A beautiful middel age town. Have dinner at “Il Teatro” and also enjoy the Tuscan hospitality.

We drive for another half hour and we arrive in the university city of Perugia ( Umbrie).

Arezzo takes a 20 minutes drive from Todiolo. You shouldn’t miss it. Arezzo also has an Etruscan past. Now a real shopping place, rich and luxurious. Every first week end of the month an antiques market that is known all over Italy and attracts thousands of visitors.

The cultural richness of the Tuscan Renaissance is a must to discover. The churches and museums are a source of world treasures. It is simply not possible to discover all this in a lifetime.

Already mentioned but cities like Florence, Siena, Arezzo, Lucca and Pisa are unforgettable. Good advise: Start your visit at 7 in the morning and see the squares and buildings in the early sun.